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I am Malak Arnous, A microbiologist (have 2 achievement rewards in microbiology) and a certified nutrition consultant, I specialize in Emotional Eating and Gut Health. I focus on helping people who want to achieve their highest potential of overall health and Wellness, People who Want to lose Weight Without a diet, No Calorie counting and No diet restriction. People Who Want healthier Skin, healthier and more beautiful hair. Also I work with people who want to restore balance to their gut. Nutrition Counseling is not a regular nutrition, it is a post modern nutrition that integrates Mind, body and soul all together.

Here is why I chose to focus on emotional eating and gut health.

Emotional Eating:

Many people eat to feed their feelings not their hunger, some eat when they’re stressed or sad, whereas others eat when they’re happy. Both ways lead to overeating and weight gain. It’s easier to achieve our goals when we define the root cause of the problem.

Gut Health:

There are about 10 times as many Microbial Cells in the human body as there are human cells. The average human body contains approximately 37,2 trillion cells, whereas the human microbiome includes around 100 trillion bacterial cells which give us an idea of the importance of having good bacteria in the gut microbiome and restoring balance in the gut can give you lots of benefits such as; losing weight, getting rid of constipation and bloating, getting healthier skin and hair and relieving some chronic pains.

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